Ticks all the boxes….


Currently we have a slightly contradicting set of needs for a new house.

  • Downsize or just cheaper to save money for moving abroad.
  • Big garden for the dogs.
  • Landlord who is ok with dogs.
  • Big, modern kitchen for my incessant baking habit.
  • An office for my partner who works from home.
  • Fast internet speed for my partner who requires it for work.
  • A spare bedroom for friends and family to visit.
  • A bedroom large enough for a super-king size bed.
  • A nice bath (necessary for M.E sufferers…and for those who just need to relax!)
  • Within a few miles of a train station for non driving friends!

We aren’t asking for much! Non of these are necessarily contradicting…except when it comes to taste!

The decision has been made to move to Canada within 1-2 years. The less we spend on rent the sooner we can move. It just makes sense. Spend £500 less on rent than we are paying at the moment and move quicker than if we just pay £225 less on rent. But what about current happiness.

So far we have looked at a few houses and two tick all of these boxes. But one will allow us to save twice as month a month in rent and the other is….well its just better! It’s a beautiful old house in the countryside with a bigger garden than either of us could have hoped for. It’s just amazing, with quirky little attributes which will just improve our lives.

But ultimately we both know we are going to be leaving, and any attachment or sense of happiness we get from our new home is going to be temporary….although a potentially two year temporary position.

Is it better to forsake immediate happiness for the potential of fulfilling a goal sooner, or enjoying life now, while still working on this goal of moving abroad. For the sake of 6-12 months is giving up any sort of homely happiness worth it? Considering we both spend most of our time at home…

If a cheaper place still technically suits us but just isn’t quite as ideal or quirky, isn’t set in a beautiful surrounding of country-side is it worth it?

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