It’s not fair *stomp stomp*!!

Rant Warning

I feel like I put up with a lot.

I have accepted that my life has been changed for the worse by M.E and has meant I had to drop out of Uni.

I have accepted my strained family relationship and that friends will let you down.

I accept that having only moved three months ago my boyfriend has made the decision that we are moving again as the landlord isn’t very nice and he wants to be a bit closer to Glasgow.

I accept he has his dream job which recently requires him to be working almost 24/7 (he works from home).

But it’s New Years eve and because of his working commitments and my M.E we decided to have a quiet one. I was going to cook his favorite pie and a cookie cake and we would sit down, have a nice dinner together, chill out then watch the bells at midnight.

This pie is quite possibly the most complicated pie that I bake. There are two roast veg layers, a layer of cheese and yogurt, and an amazing Parmesan, Fennel crust. It’s delicious if I do say so….but it takes ages! And with my condition I have to stagger it. 3 hours notice he had of when we would be having dinner!!

I love him I really do, we work so well together and he has brought so much light to my life…and I know he was sorry that the database crashed as I was serving the food…but *stomp stomp stomp* sometimes I just want to scream it’s not fair!!!


Ok petty rant over!

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