The fear begins…


I was so excited about moving into our new house that I got them to change the moving date….to a week early!

This is before the packing even began!

Now I’m sitting here, exactly a week before our moving date…with one room, mostly, packed up. ONE ROOM! What have I done?!

In my excitement I forgot that things take time, I forgot my boyfriend is constantly working and can’t help, I forgot I have M.E and work at a comfortable pace for a sloth!!

I’ve worked a lot with “the fear” it usually helps to motivate but right now I am going to sit in blind panic waiting for the removal company to come and survey our house to quote for the van.


Poor brain. The lengths it goes to when expectations meet reality. I’m surprised I’m not in a constant state of breakdown.

Now….where’s those packing elves?

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