Photographs and self esteem.

So I think I could do with an updated profile picture….Oh but I’m getting my hair done on Tuesday, I’ll take a photo then.

Getting ready for a night out….perfect time for a photo! Dolled up but pre-alcohol induced red cheeks and wild hair!

Typically photos that make the cut have been vetted; does it show me how I want to be seen?

Mirrors on the other hand show us as we are at any given moment in the day.

*walks past hallway mirror* Oh man, my skin is so blotchy right now!

*rear view mirror while at traffic lights* Ah the dark circles under my eyes are so pronounced….and I’m so pale…

I must really be letting myself go at the moment! Just look at the last year of my photos.Compared to the reflection I see in the mirror right now I feel terrible.

Lesson for the day: Stop comparing myself to momentary captures of myself taken at ideal times.


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