Body Confidence

As a general rule I would say it is safe to say that most people have quite precarious self esteem.

There is the way we think other people see us, and then how we see ourselves.

The way that we believe others see us is at times marred by a bad photo, a comment, an unflattering pair of jeans…

The way we see ourselves is determined by a new stretch mark, a harsher trouser indent, a darker shadow beneath your chin…

My self esteem has varied over the years. Just before I was diagnosed with M.E. my self-confidence, my esteem was higher than normal. I was beginning to accept myself as I was. My above average height, my extra curves…my thighs….stretch marks. I was surrounding myself with people who were body confident, ambassadors for self acceptance no matter your type.


Since my M.E took hold it has had a huge affect on how I see myself, how I feel about my body. The aching muscles, the tiredness, weight gain through spending days at a time not being able to go far from the couch, unmanageable pain.

I want to learn how to feel good about myself again, to feel sexy, beautiful….confident. It’s going to be another learning curve. Another transition, another step in truly being comfortable in my own skin.


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