My first week of writing my first novel.

So currently I am so so so happy to be writing my first novel. Certain aspects are proving difficult but I’ve so far stuck to my 800 words a day goal….for a week, but still!

Back in late 2009 I had an idea. I couldn’t sleep, partly because I was living in Australia at the time and the nights were so hot I just couldn’t sleep, but also I had a lot of those niggling life thoughts going on in my head which stopped my brain from sleeping! So to help with this I started writing, narrating with a twist of fiction what was going on. A stream of consciousness documenting the wanderings of a sleep deprived mind, with a very agile imagination!

This process went on for a week or so til I re-read what I had written and decided to turn it into a short story. So I rewrote it in a more reading fashion but there were just too many ideas not enough flesh and I didn’t have enough time to make it more.

So over the last 4 years it has been read by many friends, rehashed, edited, discussed with many;from sociologists, avid readers, fellow writers, theologians specializing in time and reluctantly by current boyfriend whose recent reads mostly feature zombies!

Finally, I have the time and the resources to develop my ideas, to turn them into an actual novel. It’s harder and more rewarding than I imagined…and that’s only after a week! I’m an ideas person who loves to paint images of scene…but following a plot and giving details for the reader to follow the story is very difficult for me and it makes my work a lot slower, but it’s starting to shape together so nicely! I’m also finding that as I’m writing I’m discovering new nuances of sub-plots, character dimensions and  suddenly my imagined world is so much bigger than I originally dreamed of!

So with help of friends and support of the boyfriend I’m hoping to have the first draft finished by August. It may be a little adventurous to aim to have it published and circulating by end of the year, but by 2015 definitely!

I’m so excited, just wanted to share that with the web,

Auburn xx


(As happy as Phoebe with all her balls!)

One comment

  1. You’ve taken the biggest step in getting started, so congrats on that. I too struggle with plotting. I love developing complex characters and throwing them together to see how they react, but coming up with a plot and an antagonist is tough for me. I’ve actually resorted to using a spreadsheet to plot out all the major points in the story before I even let myself write. As much as I hate doing it, it ends up making the writing much easier. Anyway, happy writing! It’s a mental adventure, that’s for sure!


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