What’s a plus-sized girl to do?

So I am a larger woman, not dramatically so, but enough so that clothes shopping can sometimes be a complete pain!

America, however, seems to have this monopoly on catering for women of all sizes. Yes they have their size 0 uber skinny clothes, but they also have normal, attractive clothes for mid-range larger women.

Plus! They actually have women of that size modelling the clothes. http://www.swakdesigns.com/

Look, I know there is a tense discussion in regards to ‘plus size’…many people believe larger people are intrinsically unhealthy and therefore that size shouldn’t be promoted. However I have met many women who, even though they were very fit and healthy they just naturally have a larger frame and still struggled to fit clothes to fit in the UK.


Then you get onto choices and people incapable of being smaller. Some people choose to spend their lives pursuing non-fitness related activities, enjoying food and are susceptible to gaining weight. Should they be told their life choices are wrong by not being able to buy clothes in their size? Then there are women, like myself, who have conditions such as P.C.O.S, and no matter what they do, or how much medication they take (which makes me very ill) it is almost impossible to loose weight. Should they be penalized for having a condition like that?

So the UK doesn’t feel like it needs to expand it’s clothing lines to allow bigger people to buy the same clothes as smaller people. Ok, all of that would be fine as America has some amazing clothing lines which specifically cater to larger women, designers who create beautiful clothes tailored to a curvy figure, like https://www.woledesigns.com 

But the import tax is ridiculous!!! America has very reasonably priced clothes, but then with the shipping cost, it pretty much evens it out to what I would pay for those clothes in the UK. Which is fine because I want those clothes and cannot get them here in the UK. But then Import tax and the fees from the delivery company add on like another 50%!! So this either sometimes means it’s just too expensive, or the overall cost means that the price for each item is so high that they just aren’t worth it anymore.

I do think that in the UK, being able to fit into clothes is peoples main motivation for loosing weight, which is quite interesting in itself. At the same time I am all for consuming a healthy diet, being active, walking the dog, having a salad etc. but if someone doesn’t fit into the prescribed mold of sizes…then what? If you are over that threshold then you are condemned to the small selection of non-descript clothes targeted at older women….or order from America!

This is a rant, mostly inspired by some of the amazing women I’ve seen recently online promoting a healthy approach to self-confidence, like Tess Munster, and feeling isolated in the UK from such a social movement.


-Auburn x

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