This weekend seemed to mark my official stay in Geekdom….

Up until now I’ve been taking a journey on a visitors visa.  Image

I feel like given my heritage (from Nerdonia originally) and my marital alliance with a Geek (Lord Geekus) that my crossing into Geekdom should have been a lot smoother; unfortunately my inability to be naturally disposed to anything technological somewhat hindered that!

In preparation, over the last few months, I have tried to cover the bases. I got a twitter account, I briefly attended Insomnia (UK Gaming Expo), Lord Geekus even filmed me playing Minecraft for the first time…and again…although I don’t think this really helped my cause!

I marathoned all of Primeval, Dr. Who, Torchwood (even the American ones!) a plethora of Marvel and DC, I can even pick problems with the new X-Men movie!

All of this seemed to culminate this weekend for Lord Geekus’ Birthday….we had a Firefly marathon.

ImageFor about a year this TV Show (to call it a TV Show really doesn’t seem fitting….cult?) has been presented to me as the pinnacle of all that Geekdom holds dear; SciFi, unlikely hero, cute mechanic,Kaylee

space cowboys and then persecuted by Fox who messed up their airing dates then cancelled the show after one season. Nothing less than a Cult Following could really explain what this show, and the movie Serenity, seems to be.

So finally this weekend I watched the whole thing, all 14 episodes and one film of it. It was amazing. Now all those unanswered questions which have plagued Geek across the world will be burned into my heart too…..

Now if anyone questions my right to be in Geekdom, I just have to flash some of that Firefly trivia knowledge at them and I should be good to go!

As much as I’m enjoying my stay though, I think my heart will always belong in Nerdonia ❤

-Auburn x


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