Cookies part. 2 Deliciously Dark…

Carrying on from my previous blog post, I am going to use the same recipe…with a few alterations!

This entry will assume you’ve read the previous in order to keep up 😛

So these are not done to my personal taste…I’m not a lover of dark chocolate as such; I do have a fair few friends who are. So these are made with their preferences in mind!

I really just want to stress in this piece how versatile this recipe is in catering for taste.



So here we go. As before the ingredients will be:

100g Butter

75g dark sugar

175g self raising flour

This time I’m going to use Treacle instead of Golden Syrup.



Green & Blacks Ginger Dark Chocolate

Green & Blacks White Chocolate.


Due to the depth of my initial recipe I’m not going to give too many details here, as it is essentially the same, just with some substitutions! So here are a few photos to recap what you should be doing!


Image                                                                    DSC_0540


So now you’ve done your little dance while adding the chocolate and the treacle….for which I wholeheartedly applaud you if you managed to not cover yourself and the bench in treacle too!

You can then add in some cardamon…again 1 teaspoon for every 100g of butter. Dashed it with some vanilla. You are all set to go loading them into the oven!


DSC_0541 to become….DSC_0542


I hope you enjoy your deliciously dark cookies!

Any feedback is welcome 😀

-Love, Auburn xx

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