My infamous cookies!

I wasn’t actually going to share my cookie recipe just yet, it’s kinda my own secret recipe; but as it happens a friend in Edinburgh is holding a fundraising event and they have requested these cookies! They have also been requested as birthday presents and so on….OK so that’s their resume, their rating if you like.

Now as far as I’m concerned cookies are kind of a must have in any bakers menagerie of treats. As most people can give cookies a shot and come up with some sort of cookie shaped, sugar filled biscuit type mush, they must assume that if you are a self proclaimed baker, then you should be able to make some pretty awesome cookies! Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you’re making simple chocolate chip or treacle cookies with cardamon (it works!) what matters is how much love you put into them….*ha* I’m kidding! It’s all to do with how long you leave them in the oven! Ok enough waffling, here is the recipe 😀 It’s mostly a very simple recipe, you’ve got:

  • 100g Butter
  • 75g of brown sugar (my personal choice is Moscavado)
  • 175g Self Raising Flour
  • Golden Syrup
  • An assortment of spices- Today’s choice is Cinnamon and Nutmeg.
  • Vanilla (Essence or Extract).

DSC_0514 (1) This ratio will give you approximately 12 cookies (depending on their size!) The oven should be at 185 degrees (Celsius) and they only need to be in the oven for about 6 minutes. More details on that later! As I am making them for friends today, I’m making a lot more than normal (honest!) so I’m tripling the recipe (300g Butter, 225g sugar, 525g flour).

I tend to begin this process by chopping up chocolate!

DSC_0515 I will keep stressing during this recipe how much the ingredient is down to your own preference. So with the chocolate…you may decide you are quite happy with chocolate chips, that’s totally fine, I just don’t use them. One characteristic which is essential is the chocolates melting point. So you’ve got really milky, yummy chocolate like Galaxy or Milky Bar, which taste great on their own but as you may have discovered when just holding those chocolates, they have a tendency to get pretty runny! This doesn’t work so great in the cookies for me as they don’t keep their form and can mess with the consistency of the cookies. I always use Green & Blacks chocolate. It’s great for not doing everything I’ve just mentioned 😛 Again the mix is up to you, using the standard ratio I go for half a bar of White and half a bar of Milk, chopped up (obviously increasing as the mixture ratio increases).


Starting off it’s in your own best interest to have room temperature butter…if like me you always forget to take the butter out of the fridge in plenty of time prior to starting, then do your best to soften it. I usually opt for cutting into it as I’m adding it to the bowl (after weighing it). It’s totally down to personal preference with with type of butter you use, salted, unsalted *shrugs* Then you’re going to weigh out and add the sugar. Just as a little side note- the dark sugar balances out the sweetness of the cookies, please don’t be tempted to use white sugar, it won’t be the same. Also, as I mentioned I opt for Moscavado sugar, I used to go to the Healthy food shops (RealFoods for those in Edinburgh) and buy it organic…the issue with this is that this type of sugar compacts together becoming very hard and forming little sugar rocks in the bag! This adds a good 5 minutes of manual sifting to the process to remove these, and I never get them all. Once they are baked in the cookies, they taste fine as they do melt but can leave little sugar pools on the surface which isn’t always as nice….again personal preference though!

Ok..moving on! So you’ve added the sugar to the butter, now for mixing! The more you increase the ratio the harder this can be, but just preserver with it. I’ve tried a few different tools for mixing…and eventually found the Fork really gets the job done!




So once that’s all creamy you’re going to move onto the flour. Once the flour is weighed, add it to the mixture in parts….mostly to minimize the amount of flour dust flying around if you try to mix it all at once! Now this is where is may seem a little complicated, so please stay with me, we can get through this together! As you are mixing the flour in, you’re going to start adding in some Golden Syrup (it now comes in squeazy bottles which is just amazing!) So one part flour, do a bit of mixing, then do a little spiral of syrup, keep mixing.   A spiral….yes that’s my technical measurement. This is the part of baking where I think you need to take a little bit of your own initiative. So adding the flour to the mix makes it very dry…we don’t want that, we want nice gooey cookies, so a spiral of syrup, a mix, and you should be back to nice gooey cookie dough…*nods*

Dry mixture
Dry mixture

During this stage you are going to want to start adding in the chocolate bits too. *Eep…not long to go now!*

So this stage is kind like a dance.

Add some flour, mix it up.

Spiral some syrup, mix it up.

Toss in a handful of chocolate bits, mix it up.

Then back to the flour, get it nice and gooey again.

This basically just repeats until you’ve used up all the required flour, the chocolate bits are all added, and it’s forming a nice squidgey, gooey cookie dough.DSC_0523 Now we have one last stage. The spices. Now, once you’ve done this a few times you might, like me add the spices in while you are doing your flour, chocolate, syrup dance…I just didn’t want to scare people! So the spices. What do you like? I love love love Cinnamon and nutmeg, maybe a bit of mixed spice, all wrapped in a yummy vanilla package. If you’re quite new to spices, don’t worry, it’s kinda trial and error, I don’t have a sense of smell and I got it…you’ll probably be fine! So if you are opting for the Cinnamon and Nutmeg, here’s what I would do. You are roughly adding a teaspoon of Cinnamon for every basic ratio of this recipe (100g butter= 1 teaspoon….300g Butter=3 teaspoons). You’ll probably get to a point where you just shake the spice over the mixture til it looks about right…*Not that I do that at all….* Nutmeg can have a stronger, slightly off taste if you use to much, the cinnamon balances it out though, so I essentially use half of the nutmeg to whatever cinnamon I’ve used. Vanilla….Essence is more diluted than Extract…so if you are using essence maybe add a little more. Again roughly 1-2 teaspoon per basic ratio. I’m always over generous as I love it so!

I’m going to add an alternative cookie blog after this one, using different flavours…so take a look if you have less of a sweet tooth!

Ok back to the mix. Make sure all of the spices and vanilla are fully worked into the mix, don’t be a afraid to get your hands in there, a bit like kneading dough!


So now, it’s time to get them on trays! Make sure you grease your trays thoroughly, I use what ever butter is left over from the recipe. I usually just take a pinch of the mixture, round it into a ball then pat it own on the tray. I like imperfect cookies! DSC_0526


Now for baking. Your oven should be on at 185 degrees, slide in the trays and you’ve got about 6 minutes to have a seat. So I’ll just explain what you are looking for when your cookies are baking. To check if they are done, they should have slight cracks in the top. Nothing more. If you leave them in much longer they will be crunchy, you will have made biscuits. Which is great, if that’s what you want! DSC_0532 If you take them out when there is just slight cracks, leave them to cool, first on the baking trays (about 5 minutes)they will be smooshy, you’ll think they aren’t cooked properly, don’t worry, just move them carefully to a baking rack (for another 10 minutes). This should produce squidgy, gooey, melting chocolate, yumminess! As they cool they will harden. You didn’t use eggs remember so there is no issue of under-cooking!



Now just enjoy! I’d love to hear your feedback on either the recipe layout or the cookies 😀 -Love, Auburn xx


  1. I love your blog, your posts are beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤


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