Any-one who knows me, has read my blog or watched the videos of me attempting to play Minecraft knows that I’m not very good with any sort of technology…using a new theme on my blog was a massive accomplishment for me!

Before I really get into this I want to have a bit of a disclosure. Due to my relationship with Lord Geekus working for a Minecraft Server, I am sort of ‘defaco’ involved with it, I have friends whose work is in one way or another connected with Minecraft. So yes I may have a little bias in regards to this. I acknowledge that and I am doing my utmost to not let that be reflected in my opinion of the current situation.

And now moving on!

As a concept I think that Minecraft is truly wonderful. It has brought so much to the online gaming community, in so many ways that I just can’t even wrap my technophobic brain around!

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Mojang, the company that created Minecraft, really deserve so much credit for the revolution they started. For starters they have brought online gaming into the mainstream world, from schools and kids, parents and super-geeks alike. That’s right, some schools are actually using Minecraft as a teaching method, Lord Geekus was actually asked to go and talk at a Primary school about what he does etc. It’s pretty awesome. We are in a technology age, schools need to be more progressive when it comes to educating kids about the use of programming as that seems to be where most of the jobs are!

And Mojang allowed this to happen. Their creation has spawned a diverse, progressive, innovative world.

At the moment it seems that even people with a computer science degree or the like are having to start at base level to get to grips with the level of programming and developing that these people are having to do on a daily basis to keep this world running. Unfortunately across the spectrum of the gaming industry, there aren’t enough entry level positions to give all these wannabe programmers the start they need. Which is where Minecraft comes in. Their initial creation has opened up a dynamic world for people to run servers. Servers are essentially their own world or mini-games created using the foundations of Minecraft. I know some servers have been completely designed and developed by these independent companies totally separate from Minecraft, but still come under that brand due to the interface built in.


So what you have now, with these independent servers, is the innovation and diversity which comes from having hoards of people from different perspectives and backgrounds working on their own worlds…within the Minecraft world. It’s just amazing. It’s the main reason why Minecraft has exploded like it has, as there is literally something to cater to everyone’s needs.

It also means that there is room for all these start up programmers to get that experience they need, while sustaining their lives. I’m sure we would have so much more beautiful, inspiring art if artists had a similar outlet.

Obviously…there are some catches. Mojang does surely want to protect the integrity of the game; to make sure servers and players a like aren’t abusing it, so some ground-rules should be set. Programmers can sure do amazing things, they can even make players invincible….for a price…now that just kinda ruins the game for the rest of the players now doesn’t it? But on a whole….just wow, well done guys.

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There are people all around the world currently working on their server, making it better, adding more content, giving the players an even better experience, which in turn inspired them to maybe buy the game for the PS3 or X-Box, fantastic! Mojang set up this sand-box world and can sit back and watch it grow, all coming under their banner of the brand Minecraft and earning them money on the way!

It provides jobs in a troubled economy; jobs which are allowing programmers to push the limits of online gaming, advancing the player experience, while doing their dream job and supporting themselves. It’s just amazing.

So this really isn’t just about Mojang, it’s also about all these independent servers, just as Minecraft isn’t just about computers, the internet and…well electricity. This phenomenon, this revolution, this progression, none of it would have been possible without Mojang… and the servers, and computers, the internet and electricity! Really, well done all of you!


Now, some of you reading this may know that this piece has been inspired by Mojang currently setting up a EULA (for more information see ) which would stop these independent servers making money from Minecraft. They are doing it, from what I’ve heard, in order to protect the integrity of the game, which I understand as I mentioned above. But…there are ways around that, having a blanket rule for all doesn’t seem the brightest of options…does it?

Bebop Vox’s cat Tibbers doesn’t think it is…

Yes, Mojang, as the creators, they have the almighty power, they have the control over all these people working in this industry that is Minecraft. Their word can affect the lives of thousands, from Programmers, designers, developers, youtubers, writers, artists…the list goes on. All these people’s lives are tied to Mojang.

Protect Minecraft. Protect what is has become. Protect the innovation. Protect progress. Protect people wanting to play a fair game.

But please, please don’t be vague, don’t be flippant, don’t be hard-hearted, don’t be destructive, just because you can.

Online everyone who wants to can see what you are doing and saying, can. Often, it’s misinterpreted, often, it’s an off handed remark taken out of context, or by someone voicing a lone opinion.

But when you are deciding the fate of hundreds, thousands, of peoples jobs, lives, dreams, every word matters.

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