Glasgow to Galway. 5 Days. 956 miles.


We had 5 days. 5 days in which to find a house in a different county, by car.

It has been an absolute whirlwind experience that’s for sure.

A total mixture of highs and lows:

Bone bruises from falling over

Finding a beautiful farm house at the bottom of a mountain

Hottest day of the year

A/C in the car

Ideal community, locally sourcing ethos.

Weird heat rash on my arm.

The food.

Irish drivers

Feeling totally at home and not wanting to leave
Swollen ankles

The Driving.

The hotel mattress

The scenery

There were moments when I felt like crying, exhaustion, heat, soreness, frustration. Then there were points when it just felt like everything we saw and experienced meant that this was without a doubt the right decision for us!

It’s a little insane. Just deciding one night that we are totally fed up of the UK and just deciding to move to Ireland. Then doing some research and finding it to be pretty much exactly what we were looking for….it was obviously meant to be 😀

The month countdown has began. I still don’t feel quite human, and with everything I have to get done to be ready to move I doubt I will for a while, but still… much happiness!

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