Awe inspiring Wind Farm

DSC_0648 (1)I know many, many, many people have objections to wind farms in the UK; and ok so some people may have legitimate objections for medical reasons if the turbine is very close to their house, but my gosh. I just find them so beautiful!

Less than 10 minutes drive from our current house is Whitelees Wind Farm. It’s the UK’s largest wind farm. Truly it’s just turbines as far as the eye (well, my eye) can see. And it is magnificent.DSC_0652 (1)

To watch them all slowly turning, the silent (it really was) motion of them all just took my breath away. I felt like I’d stepped into some sort of futuristic utopia. It made me so happy. To think that as we were watching, this natural occurrence on our earth was generating enough power for 300,000 homes is just astonishing.

Every day I see photos, videos, memes online about the destruction of our planet. Videos about climate change, urging us to act differently. People dedicating their lives to try and affect how people interact with our worlds resources, for the better.

Regardless of whether you believe in Climate Change or not, we will run out of fossil fuels. Regardless of whether you believe that’s going to affect you in your life time, personally I’d like to see other forms of energy contending with the monopolies on oil. It’s been said that oil companies rule the planet. Governments have to keep on their good sides, certain beneficial laws don’t get passed if oil companies don’t want them to. What if they were no longer the sole provider for people to maintain their lives? Electric cars running on electricity powered by wind? Amazing. Ok it’s a fair way off to imagine oil companies no longer being so powerful, but if we don’t start now then it will never happen.

I get quite upset at the amount of criticisms there are about wind farms, you only need a simple google search to find dozens of sites dedicated to objecting their construction. Like I said, I’m sure they have their reasons. But visual impairment? Changing of landscapes in a visually detrimental way? Is that really the price of our future?DSC_0653 (1)

Oh sorry next generation. Sorry we didn’t really get going with these sooner but you see that view over there? Well about 100 people really like that view so we didn’t built another wind farm. *shrugs*

Yes, they are different. Yes, in an old country like Britain, largely made of stone and brick, they stand out. But they stand out while signaling a healthier, more environmentally, economically better future. Isn’t that worth it?

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