Postpone Restart?

Yes! Oh my gosh, yes!


This has been bothering me for a while, and with the latest change I’ve just about lost my, usually quite bendy straw, altogether!

I have, Windows 8 is it? The new version with the app things. As I may have mentioned already, I’ve very illiterate when it comes to technology. I know that every few days I should actually turn my laptop off rather than just closing it, and I know that to actually update itself with new things, sometimes a restart is required.

I have never had so much trouble with Windows as I’m having with this version. I used to be able to just allow it to restart itself to do the updates and not worry about what it was going to change. Now, every time I restart something is remarkably different! I know that something would have always been different “behind the scenes” but when even I start having user issues with my most basic uses of a laptop, then there is a serious problem!


There we go, I feel better now. Just a wee rant from a disgruntled user of Windows 8. Which sucks, because some of the changes were great, and useful, but then with this latest update it’s taken them away from me again- now that’s just cruel!

-From a perpetually frustrated, Auburn x

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