Gypsy Curse.


My nana, the wonderful home-bird that she is, has always despaired at my nomadic attitude to houses. When I moved to Scotland she began actually calling me a gypsy; as compared to the majority of her family who live within half an hour of each other (bar some Canadians).

So it got to the point this year where I have been dreading telling her that I’m moving again. Desperately trying to phrase my reasons in a way that she would understand. I never really minded this lifestyle myself, having lived in a fair few countries now, until that is, I got M.E which made the whole process considerably harder and in truth does make me want to just settle for a good while….unfortunately circumstances don’t allow it!

Which got me thinking…my nana may have placed a gypsy curse on me!

Or its a self-fulfilling prophecy…or something like that…I’m going to go with we are cursed!

This time last year, we, Lord Geekus and I, were living between two flats, one in Edinburgh and the other in Glasgow. P1110970
Spending time in both where appropriate…which was quite awesome! But then we figured, Hey, we would be able to get a much better place, spend a lot less time travelling and stop living out of bags if we just got one place, together.


So we did. Found a great house, kind of half way in between the two cities and had a brilliant first month living on the new house buzz. Very shortly though we found that the house was actually falling apart….boiler constantly breaking down, leaking windows etc etc…We only lasted 4 months! After a lot of fighting (with the landlord) and stress we ended our agreement and moved out.


For the next house we went closer to Glasgow….in reality the compromise of living in between the two cities, about an hour drive to each, meant that we just didn’t go to either! This house was fantastic, checked all the windows, full inspection for damp by Lord Geekus, and it seemed perfect. However….after about 4 months this just wasn’t meant to be either. This time it was less about the house and more about the county! Both of us just got super tired of living in the UK. I had never intended to settle there permanently, for me it was all about the education…which was done.

So we started looking around….Canada maybe? I’ve always thought I’d live there at some point, family has always been a strong tie to it, but it’s also just a beautiful country and Lord Geekus was also very keen on this idea….alas are plans of a quick move would be thwarted by Canada currently having a backlog of paperwork giving it a processing time of 3-4 years. *sigh*

So Europe seemed like the easiest option. Lists were made…oh so many lists…climate…economic state…language..pets etc etc.

Then suddenly we stumbled upon Ireland. We ended up convening on the sofas at 4am to discuss ideas. So right there and then we decided we were moving to Ireland.

In the weeks proceeding this ferry tickets and the hotel were booked, house viewings organised, and preparations started.

This was always going to present a few problems. Dealing with house-set up things is so much more complicated from another country, and we hadn’t had very long to assess our chosen house.

ireland 082

None the less, we’re now here. We got moved over, mostly have ourselves set up with necessary Irish paperwork. But as you may have guessed….it’s been a bit of a disaster!

The house itself was a major let down in many ways…but the major trump card to the house was it’s inability to get internet. Despite checking over and over again with the owner, the letting agent and companies who supply internet.

It’s been a hard month. We finally got the house set up as we wanted it only to find after weeks of endurance that we have to move again.

Everything happens for a reason. I’m sure there will be one. I’m sure we will find another house even better, where we will be able to stay for a rather long time..maybe the curse has an expiration date of a year…maybe.

6 Houses. One year. The tale continues.

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