Chestnut and Veg Pie with Parmesan Crust

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I made an entry on this blog! We have been moving countries but it’s time to get creative with food again.

This was initially a baking blog which usually means sweet things but I thought I’d expand it to proper food-y recipes too! So, it was shaping up to be a bit of a lazy Sunday and I figured it was the best time to make a rather large, filling pie. It’s my boyfriend, Lord Geekus’, favorite meal, which I haven’t made in about 6 months; so I thought I’d document this momentous occasion.

Here we go!

Ingredients for the Crust: 450g Plain flour, 300g Margarine, 55g Parmesan (bought grated or whole)

Filling: 175g carrots, 175g New Potatos, 1 Shallot (more of less to personal taste), 175g Broccoli (again, amount to personal taste…I don’t use this much!) 200g Whole,Cooked Chestnuts, 175g grated cheddar, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp of Greek Yogurt, black pepper, Fennel Seeds (optional), Gravy.



I start with making the crust. So grab your margarine and chop it up into smaller chunks. Pop it into a large mixing bowl then weigh out the flour. Add the flour to the bowl then get your hands stuck in! You want it to be looking like breadcrumbs,so really twist your fingers in, rubbing the flour and marg together til is is all crumbly. Next add the parmesan to the mix, make sure it’s all churned up.

DSC_0864 DSC_0865

Once this is done, you’re going to want to take the bowl to the sink and turn on the cold water tap so that it’s just dribbling, NOT fully running. You want to run the mix under the tap in a very quick…squiggle….If you’re uncertain aim on the lesser side, more can be added if needed, too much just makes for gloopy dough!

Start kneading the dough til its all smooth. Pulling it out and pushing it in til it’s all packed together in a smooth…ish…ball!


Now just pop it back in the bowl and set it aside for now.

Now for the filling!

So to start with you are going to want to chop up the carrots and potatoes…relatively small chunks. And get them boiling in a pan. While they are boiling, cut up some broccoli quite thin, but you aren’t going to want to put them in the pan until the carrots and potatoes are nearly done…so about 15minutes.

DSC_0871 DSC_0870

If you have a dog like Phoebe you’ll want to keep some left over carrot to appease those puppy eyes.


Ok, so while that veg is bubbling away, grab another bowl to get the second layer of filling ready.

Pop the grated cheese into the bowl then separate an egg yolk….I’d usually attempt it manually but since we were running low on eggs and I’d picked up an ‘egg separator’ up in the supermarket…I figured I’d take the less risky way. An ‘egg separator’…..a random contraption which has lived in my kitchen drawer for quite some time….unused…until today…It did it’s job. That’s about all I can say on that.

Add the DSC_0876egg to the cheese, then the Greek Yogurt and black pepper. Give it a good stir so it’s all…integrated.

DSC_0877    This will make the middle layer between the veg.

In another bowl take the Chestnuts and start crumbling them up. I personally prefer the tinned version, but they didn’t have them so I had to get the vacuum packed ones. Taste wise there isn’t much difference…other than they feel gross when you take them out of the packet!

DSC_0878 DSC_0880

Now to tackle the crust.

So for starters this bit is so much easier if you have a rolling pin *sigh* unfortunately I just discovered that in the move mine has gone missing….oh well….you can improvise!

It’s roughly a 60/40 divide of the dough. The 60% section is going to be rolled out to line the bottom of the dish and up the sides. Aim for just enough to lie over the lip of the dish.

DSC_0881……It’s better with a rolling pin!

By this point your veg should be done. Drain them out in the sink and set them aside. It’s a good point to start preheating the oven to 200 degrees.

Now chop up the shallots if you’re using them. Then start frying them in a frying pan; just til they are turning golden brown. Once this is happening, add in the other veg. Let this sizzle for about 5 minutes, then remove from the heat and add the chestnuts into the pan.


Half of this mixture is going to line the bottom of the pie dish like so:

DSC_0884 Then the cheese mixture…DSC_0885 The the remaining veg…DSC_0886

Now roll out the rest of the dough to create a top for the pie. With slightly wet fingers you can pinch the edges to seal in the filling. With a knife slice a few slits into the top of the crust to let the air out.

In another bowl whisk up another egg, then brush the egg on top of the pie to glaze it….fennel seeds are quite nice to add on here.

Now it’s ready to pop into the oven. I usually set the timer for 45 minutes, you’re looking for the crust to be nice and golden.

While it’s in the oven, a quick simple gravy can be prepared with some granules and stock cubes, hot water and mixed on the stove.

DSC_0890 DSC_0891

Now, enjoy….



-Auburn xx

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