My heart belongs to Autumn

Today has felt like the first proper Autumn day of the year. The leaves have been changing for a while but it has still been quite warm. Until today.

The wind howled battering the trees while scattering leaves across the garden. Cold rain has been intermittent, falling from a grey sky, and there is a bite in the air.

It’s here. So now for my list of some of my favorite things about Autumn ❤


Pies. From pumpkin to beef to chestnut can be made again. Yum!

Mulled red and ginger wines. Mmmm nothing warms you better!db4ff0f1d3ae841569e777cba3c79bfc

Creamy hot chocolates. Wrapping cold fingers round the mug after walking about.

Roaring fires. Snuggling on the sofa with toasty blankets and the fire giving the room a warm orange glow.

Thick, cozy socks. For chilly toes.

Big, smushy scarves, To bury your cold face in.

Halloween! Pumpkins, dressing up, cakes and treats, spooky decorations, scary movies!

Leaves. Seeing all the colours even strewn across my windshield in the mornings makes me happy!


Ooohh I just love it all!

At this time of year I really do think I should go and spend the whole month in Canada 😛 I think spending time there as a kid left a lasting impression on my cinnamon flavored soul!

At a pumpkin farm in Canada with my cousins.

The world is going into hibernation for the winter. Samhauin (the Celtic Pagan holiday) celebrates this, the end of the harvest for the year, the preparation for the winter, eating, dancing, merriment before the dark and cold really take hold.

Embrace the colours, the brisk air, the delight at the glowing lights through the grey rain.

I just wanted to share some Autumnal love with you,

Enjoy it all, esspecially Halloween, be creative, be spooky, be merry 😀

I’m going to attempt this design this year I think…maybe!

-Auburn xx

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