Chorizo Risotto: easy to make and very filling!


Oh this is a great time of year for baking! I do love some sunshine but the Summer just isn’t my time for cooking or baking!

The nights have started getting really dark, there is a chill in the air, the heating is on, time for some good, hearty, filling food!

This is a great meal, we’ve been having it once a week for a good few weeks now and it’s as tasty as ever! So lets get started!


225g Chorizo Ring, sliced. DSC_0939

1 onion

1 garlic clove

300g Pearl Barley

400g Can of chopped Tomatos

Sliced Olives

1 liter of Chicken Stock

Rosemary Stalks.

To get things started you want to slice up your Chorizo, make the slices quite thin otherwise they take forever to cook!

DSC_0940Once they are sliced, put them in a frying pan over medium heat and let them sizzle, occasionally turning them to ensure they don’t burn.

While they are cooking, start chopping up the Onion and Garlic.

What I’d do at this point (after checking on the Chorizo again) is to boil the kettle to get ready for the stock!

While that’s boiling, drain the Chorizo onto some kitchen roll or a plate, keeDSC_0942ping as much of the oil ,made by the Chorizo, in the pan as possible.

Now pop in the onion and garlic to let is soften in the oil.

While they are crackling away, make up your stock. I typically use two Knorr DSC_0945stock cubes for 1 Liter of Stock. So pour that in a jug and give it a brisk stir.

*Remember to keep stirring the onions too as they burn quite quickly!

**I never use a whole onion as I’m not a huge fan…it’s all down to personal taste 🙂

For those of you that are familiar with my blog, you may have realized by now that my tendency to measure ingredients by sight is quite prevalent. As I’ve made this meal a few times recently I’ve come to just add as much Barley as I know I’ll need for 2 or 3 people/ how much the pan I’m using will hold! As always I like malleable recipes, and this is certainly another one!

Now for the Barley!

Tip the Barley into the pan with the onions and start scooping, making sure all the barley is covered by the oil.  *make sure the heat is still on medium as you don’t want it popping!*DSC_0943

Once the Barley is in, you can add the can of Tomatoes.

Give it a good stir, mixing the barley and tomatoes together thoroughly.

Now for the stock! Only pour in about half of the stock and just mix it together.


Once the stock is in, briefly turn up the heat to bring it to a boil. Once it’s bubbling away you can turn the heat back to medium and it’s going to be like that for about 20minutes.

While it’s simmering either take a break or get started on slicing up the olives and rosemary.

Again this is all by personal preference, I like a bit of rosemary for taste and I Loooove black olives.


Keep an eye on the pan, and give it a stir every now and then.

Once all the liquid is absorbed, add in some more of the stock. Personally I only use about half of the remaining liquid (as I’m quite impatient and usually hungry by this point) but use it all if you wish.

DSC_0948With this second batch of stock you can also add in the Olives, Rosemary and DSC_0949Chorizo.

This will need to cook for another 10 minutes or so to reheat the chorizo and incorporate the rest of the stock. Stir as Needed.

So there you go! It’s now ready to serve. Stored in the fridge in Tupperware it also keeps well for tomorrows lunch!



-Auburn xx

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