We’re putting the Roman in Romance!

Victory shall be mine!!

Life can get pretty hectic! I’m looking at the digital date at the side of my screen as I type and it saaaays its the 24th October…but that can’t be true! Where has this month gone?!? Armed with my never ending to-do list I seem to just loose track of the days.

Lord Geekus has a pretty full on job, and because he works from home in an industry which never sleeps…..Online gaming (tsk!) time is kind of irrelevant to him. Meals. Commitments outside the home. Our dog; these kind of things keep us skimming the ground.

We’ve been finding it really hard to make time for Us. We see each other so much, just being in the house, or doing household things which require two (i.e heavy lifting :P) so putting aside extra time to do coupley things has been, well, neglected. I guess it’s just taken a while to really start seeing the affects of this neglect in our relationship, but now we are. That bit of extra irritation and snippy-ness, that frustration when the other just doesn’t get whatever it is you are asking of them at that exact moment in time….I guess disconnected from each other more than anything. So we have decided to put a stop to it!

So begin the Romance Games. 

Both of us are quite competitive….I try to hide it…mostly….but it’s just a fact of life for us. Lord Geekus had an idea to use this competitiveness to better one another at Romance!

The Rules are Thus:

-On alternate weeks each of us will go out of our way to make the other feel special, organize “dates”/excursions and generally do our best to be compassionate, understanding, and make the effort!

-Your week is it, no do-overs (you’ll have to just wait til your next week!)

-After each two weeks the winner must try and not rub it in the others face too much….or else negating the purpose of the game 😛

-Activities arranged prior to Games beginning do not count on that persons week (I knew I should have waited to buy those Spooky Woodland walk tickets*Sigh*)

This is Lord Geekus’ week, and it’s going pretty well so far….now that he knows that if he is going to get me a takeaway hot beverage it should always be Chai Latte rather than Hot Chocolate 😛 ….We are learning….!

Seriously though, I think we have done more things together with the sole purpose of just spending time together in the last 5 days than we have in a long time! No longer shall a trip to a garden center together be classed as quality time!! *Hurrah*

Snaps from this week:

photo 2 (1)
Gosh I love Autumn!
photo 1 (1)
Lord Geekus carving his pumpkin!
We took a nice drive to Loch Derravaragh with Phoebe ❤
Hot chocolates and cookies by Loch Owel!

It’s still a work in progress. No doubt there will be points when we just have too many other commitments which need to take priority, but hopefully this is making us stronger than ever 😀

…..Now I just have to start getting prepared for my week….I have to win!!!

-Auburn xx

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