Identity: shy or confident? Extrovert or introvert?

Do you ever feel confused about whether you are shy or confident? Or whether you are an Extrovert who is really adaptable to spending time alone or an Introvert very good at camouflaging with the Extroverts?

I do.

At school I was very extroverted when around people but then I also spent a lot of time alone…and liked it.

As an adult I’ve always surrounded myself with quite confident, extroverted people…but I’m usually very happy running away to my quiet spot for some alone time.

It’s like if I spend too much time with people I get confused and drained, loosing bits of myself and I have to retreat for a while.

On the other hand..if I don’t socialise for a while I feel terrible and isolated.

Am I just a good chameleon, adaptable to the needs of my current lifestyle?

Or is it that not everyone has a box they can call their own?

Well that’s today’s pondering anyway 🙂

-Auburn xx


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