Confession: Over attachment to the spines of my books.

For many, many, many years I’ve been a lover, avid reader and collector of books. I despise parting with them….even ones I’ve read and I’m like…*meh* it was alright; I still have it on my shelf!

I doubt I’m the only one who, due to busy lives, priorities or just laziness (thanks Netflix!) have whole collections of books living in their house which they haven’t read.

photo 4

Every so often I’ll say that I’m not allowed to buy or “acquire” any more of these word tombs until I have read all the ones I currently have…..that will maybe last a month or two *sigh* I just love book stores so much! If I see one I’ve not been in I get this craving, and it starts taunting me! Just imagine all the shelves I’ve not explored, the titles I’ve not wondered about; that first anticipation when a title grabs you and the blurb is intriguing and you just can’t wait to read it….

Then I get home, it goes on the shelf and will probably have to wait 2-12 months to be read *fail*

But I realized last night that there is this sort of attachment to the consistency of my bookshelves. Currently books reside in 4 places in my house; two window sills, a bookcase and a glass cabinet. Many of them, unfortunately, due to Uni and then Netflix, have not been read. But their Jackets, their covers, well mostly their spines are so familiar to me that this attachment has formed before even knowing whether I love the book or not. photo 2 (6)

Some of them have actually moved four times with me and still haven’t been read! It really pains me to admit it, and I honestly don’t know what it is about them that means I can keep passing them over, but there is it.

95% of the time I have a book on the go. I’m not necessarily reading at any moment but at any moment I will be in progress of reading a book. Some books I fly through- Terry Pratchett who doesn’t use chapters makes finishing a book in one sitting very easy as there is no clear stopping point! My current book however, Murakami’s Wind-up Bird Chronicle is taking me a lot longer, it’s quite a slow paced book with very short chapters. Lord Geekus has even become familiar with it as it’s constantly lying in different places around the house. This book is one that I’ve had for a very long time but have just never got round to it.

I feel I should be proud that I’ve lived in this house for almost two months and I’ve only bought one book…and even though there are three book shops in this town, I’ve only been in one!

photo 3 (4)

My books have been one of the very few consistencies of where I’m been living for the last 4 years. Each of them makes a contribution to the overall feel of the shelf and I know each of their spines and know that I do want to read them…at some point. This attachment lets me know that I want to keep this book in my house without even knowing how well it is written or how interesting its contents are.

I believe I am infatuated with books. *sigh*

-Auburn xx

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