The Perpetual To-Do List

Lists. Oh glorious lists. Lists for every occasion. writing_500

Long ones. Short ones. Tangential lines of brain blabber.

I love them all. But they are never ending!

If you are a list maker, you’ll get it.

You have your To-Do list…it’s quite long. And by the time you’ve finished all the things on the list, you’ve acquired enough to make a new list of things that need doing *sigh*

Part of it is just life, and the never ending dream that the world will just stop, for a day, a week or even a month, time will stop moving forward, everything will stand still…and I could actually finish all of my lists of things I want to do or need to do before new ones appear!

I’ve always had a thing for lists. Whether it’s household tasks, Uni assignments, dreams and aspirations….just everything.

Life is Chaos until it’s sorted into a list.


But yes, the point. I’ve realized that I’ll probably be 80 years old, perhaps in a retirement home (I hope not!) and still writing lists…Send letter to so-and-so, get new slippers, book in purple hair rinse…ya know, that kinda thing…. rather than what I dread I’ll be writing which is the same aspirations which I have on some of my lists now *meep*

images (4)Life is a perpetual To-Do list, as soon as one thing is scored off, three more take it’s place. I wonder what would happen if I ran out of things to list…I may implode!

Happy Scribbling

-Auburn x

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