Am I a Real Woman?

Because the internet has confused me!

To be fair, there are a lot of things I read and see on the internet that confuse me…but I’ll get to that in a minute.

So…I’ve always been bigger, I grew up in the 90s and was in love with the Spice Girls and I never really gave much thought to “skinny-ness”. Like, yeah, so they were all pretty slim and toned, but there was no thought of a thigh gap *sigh* and of course there was the infamous Union Jack dress….

gero02 This picture really just sums up whats happened to media ideals of beauty in the last 10-15 years.


But then as a teenager and it was sooooo not okay to be a bigger girl. Also, it just wasn’t common in my social group growing up. It’s not like a good percentage of my year at school were larger, it was a handful. Now, when I say larger, I mean exactly that. I wasn’t a chubby teenager as such, I was e8fd56a6just…bigger. Taller, bigger hips, bigger ass, bigger boobs, but all proportional with each other. I see that now but as a teenager (and kind of still now…) I hated it.

Advertisements, models, singers, actresses, magazines, page 3, all of these told me that to be beautiful and sexy I really needed    to be about 5 times smaller than what I was. I mean, this is Kate Moss at the height of her career, where heroin-chic, rock-star-KateMoss    visable-ribcages, where the height of girls aspirations.







So yeah…when these “Real women have curves” memes started coming about, huge and people like Christina Hendrixs, Beyonce, Queen Latifah, and then people like Tess Munster, a part of me was like Yes!


Now I want to be clear, what I feel about the skinny-centric fashion/celebrity industry is not a reflection of women who just are skinny. I had two friends at school who were in the same weight class as Kate Moss but they did nothing to achieve that…it’s just how they were, and still are in fact. They are real women, as is every other women, but that’s not my point.

Society makes too much money from women wanting to be skinny. From plastic surgery, to cosmetics, to gym memeberships, to diet books, to therapy. The world cannot afford for people to be happy with themselves. It’s true. 

Then…….this happened.

33942-A-Real-Woman uhhhmmm…..then…










……………..uhmmmmmm……aarti……………..right…….that’s healthy, see you in therapy when you’re 40….


funny-A-Real-snaps-Woman………………………OK but I watch a lot of Netflix…………………………………


You get my point. It’s become ridiculous. Now everyone who thinks some aspect of character is the most important is going to slap the idea onto the concept that a “Real Woman” possesses that character. huh.


A Real Woman will still be wearing her PJs at Midday because it’s saturday and is blog writing and she knows not to bother with clothes just yet….Real women just know what battles to pick.

Just like that.


Then this got me thinking about this article I was linked to the other day about a new political group in the UK- Here is the link:

So for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years men have ruled women. In society, in the home, in church, the workplace, etc. Then in the last hundred years women have slowly been taking a bit more power for themselves, with ya know, voting etc. But really it wasn’t until the late fortys- during and after WWII that they even started being paid somewhat in the same region as men for doing the same jobs they were doing….53% was the average.

So yeah I’d say it’s only been very very recently that women have started becoming prominent figures in society…..and already there is backlash for it.

I’ve talked to quite a lot of men, and women about this kind of issue and yeah some men feel like it’s not fair. In the sense that yes of course they think women should receive equal rights, opportunities, pay etc. but not at the men’s expense.

Things like, companies and educational institutions having quotas to fill in regards to women, racial groups and sexual orientation. So if you are a lesbian woman from Bengal you will technically have a higher chance at the spot than a white, straight, man. My argument will always be that for decades, even if a woman had better experience or credentials than a man, if they both applied for the same position, then he would get it. And yeah sure, these men now aren’t the ones who have benefited or committed these unequal privileges but in order for the world to be a more equal place, these kind of measures need to be installed as there are still a lot of people out there in positions of power who judge with bias.


All you have to do is look at Parliament, or Forbes 100 (5 out of the top 50 most powerful people in the world are women) or CEOs of the biggest companies and it shows quite clearly where the power in society lies.


*sigh* Fat skinny, man, woman, this constant battle. Fat and Skinny can win the war by agreeing upon healthy. Some people are healthy a bit thicker, chunkier, while some are very healthy skinny. But Men and Woman….*gah*

I’m hungry, so rant over 😛


-Auburn xx

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