Every time I think I’m ready…

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I’ve been working on this story, soon to be book, for a long time…on and off…life gets in the way some times. But I’m working on it full-time with renewed efforts at the moment.

I feel like I know it inside out. I feel like I could live in their world and I instinctively know how everything functions.

I think that I’m done, plotting out the story, I think that I know as much as I need to know to finish actually writing the book.

But every time I finish a section of research or writing, a question comes up that I haven’t factored in.

I reach a point with the story where I become hazy, which sends me on a tangent. Characters history especially. I know, or I feel like I understand why one of my main characters walked away in her past, but when I come to writing about it, I have so much trouble putting the words to paper….because I haven’t took the time to really write out what happened exactly to make her walk away, what happened when she did, what did she discover, what did she learn, what did she come back with, how did it change her, what were the ramifications for her actions, how does it affect the story? Aaaahh!photo 2 (7)

And yeah….only a minute part of all that will be in the actual story…but an author still needs to know all of that to subtlety hint at it, or so the character will act according to their history, their true personality etc.

And Scrivener (see link) really helps with that, with it’s templates, its cork board lay out to mix scenes up etc. but at the moment it’s opening even more questions. Which I know will be good in the long run. But when I have a deadline of April *sigh*

Last night, I finished a bit more research and thought, *huh* I think that’s pretty much it, tomorrow I can just start writing again.

Middle of the night *huh* maybe I should re-write all the threads in the story, make sure they are all filled out and tied off satisfactorily…ok in the morning.

This Morning *Ahrghshgh* no, they aren’t. A character isn’t fleshed out quite enough, and a storyline is left hanging a bit. *grumble grumble*

All of this will make for a much better book and it’s the process I know….but just needed to have a wee rant about it!

Thanks for listening 🙂

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-Auburn xx

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