African Travels: The Beauty of Not Killing


Twitter has been throbbing with all the disgusting #trophyhunter stories, with many thanks to @rickygervais.



I spent while a while in Africa, travelling, not travelling, and I had some pretty amazing experiences with the wild life.


***No Animals were Hurt in this Process***






I paid to rent a van. I paid for a guide around certain areas.

I paid for maps, food, refreshments, camping sites, equipment.

I then bought a car (VW Beetle) paid road tax, petrol, entry into reserves.






I had some of the most amazing experiences,
surrounded by beautiful animals. Money I spent doing these things went directly to the African people providing them, whether it was car related, supporting local sanctuaries or reserves, food, accommodation, all of it!

Old Beetle and Giraffe in South Africa



These people, these ‘Trophy Hunters’, can dress up what they do any way they like. But their motives are abundantly clear.

If an animal is hurt or sick and suffering, there are humane ways to help it which don’t involve photographing it dead.



Lions south africa



If you see people starving and want to give them food, there are ways to do it without going out of your way to kill an animal- I mean, you should see what they have at the markets there!

Mozambique, Frozen huge fish




I love that Ricky Gervais is calling them out on it. It’s about time they take some responsibility for their vile ‘sport’ and get some help!






We can enjoy so much of this world without destroying it! You don’t have to possess something to love it

-Auburn xx

**All Photos are my own**















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