Inner Troll

I love Netflix, as do most of my generation, and recently I’ve been rewatching Merlin

For people who aren’t familiar, there is a particular episode which involves Uther Pendragon (played by the amazing Anthony Head…who really complicates that character for me- I want to hate him but I can’t) the King of Camelot is enchanted by a troll disguised as a Lady so that she can become the Queen of Camelot.

As much as I may love this series, this post isn’t really about Merlin…it’s about our inner Trolls!

Throughout this episode the Troll is beautiful, graceful, poised, the “perfect woman” so to speak. But she must keep retreating to her chambers to take the magic potion as her “true self” starts…well, leaking out. Hunching, farting, belching, scratching. She hates food, yet eats with the King to keep up appearances then pigs out on…well manure when she gets back to her chambers.

1385198_10151948850432682_577472988_nIt got me thinking about how we all hide our trolls when we are single or just starting to date someone, then as soon as you live together you start to let the other person see the real you. Not glamorous, no longer delicate or concerned with only showing the best side of yourself.

Once you’ve farted in each others presence…it won’t stop.

Devouring take-out unceremoniously on the couch while binge watching a show together.

Haven’t had to leave the house this weekend, so why would you wash your hair?

When the pretty wrapping paper and bows of your first few months of dating have been torn away, the present is you, all the lazy, occasionally gross, yet still beautiful you. Grumpy mornings, Hangry trips to the supermarket, your toothache, his snoring, her inability to share popcorn, his toenails. Your inner trolls delight to have found another troll to be their natural selves with 🙂  970333_10151668273787682_239395238_n (1)

Occasionally I fondly reminise about those first few months, the mystery, the effort put into being the best version of ourselves…but honestly, I wouldn’t trade our troll relationship for anything!

Embrace your inner troll 😀


-Auburn xx

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