Hogmanay with a Wholesome Twist

Wow. Hogmanay 2015 has just happened, and it was probably my best new year ever.

We tried a little….social experiment.

I never get particularly excited about New Years eve. When I still lived at home we had the occasional house party, then later this progressed to being out and getting obscenely drunk, but this didn’t last long as, Gah, Crowds! The last few years, I’ve either stayed home or ventured to a neighbours house to listen to them play the bagpipes.

But this year we decided to stay home. As soon as our friend arrived at sunset, we turned off our phones and began a wonderful night.


We attempted to draw portraits of each other….I still haven’t forgiven Lord Geekus for his ‘interpretation’ of me…he has his reasons. It was fun, a giggle, something different. We then proceeded to eat some Dhal I’d prepared earlier while watching Jool Holland’s ringing of the bells, before embarking on a midnight walk with the pooch. It was weird not having our phones but surprisingly enough the conversation kept going. We had a tipple of whisky and some divine chocolates brought from the furthest point of Scotland, Mmmm delicious! DSC02027

The midnight walk was wonderful. It even snowed a little, giving up a bit of an ice rink to play about with. The sky was incredibly clear, leading to a bit of star gazing. The galaxy really did put on a show to welcome 2016.

After warming up we played around with some of the silly stocking fillers we’d got for christmas, including play dough! It was fantastic! I felt like a kid again. Oh and what on earth is Play Dough made from?? So weird!

DSC01992Lord Geekus was our DJ for the evening with the help of Spotify, and it all worked perfectly. After we disposed of the Play Dough the conversation really got going. It’s amazing what happens when you turn off the TV and phones. It turned out we all had a lot more interest in new technology, scientific discoveries and contemplating what the future may look like than we realised. Topics from the expanding global consciousness, that is the Hive Mind of the internet, to the shift needed in the work paradigm as more and more jobs are being replaced by machines. Debates were had over instant teleportation and the potential for body morphing and how cyborg are brain already are for farming out so many of it’s useful skills…like directions to a place, trivia, and spelling.

We talked of the disillusionment, the circular motion of history, including political ideals, moving from war-time conservatism to the liberation of the 60’s, back to the Iron grip to preserve an establishment, and coming back to an awkward liberalism we now have.

We made plans to make this a Hogmanay tradition, and decided that our friend, our semi-resident Ted, needs to find his Robin.

We discussed the coming year and made plans for trips. DSC02031

We were all left with this overwhelming optimism for 2016. A sense of things beginning to come together, goals and aspirations declared to improve our situations. During talking, many Revelations were had, number one being Don’t buy useless shit. Yup, I think we could all do with this one. The money adds up and would pay for so much more fun things like a trip to Chester Zoo in the summer.

We came up with a few Revelations that night, and decided these were much better than Resolutions. Making a Revelation required really accepting the habits you have, and then committing to changing that. I like our version of this New year tradition.

By this point it was almost Sunrise, so what better way to start 2016 than watching the first Sun break the horizon. We wrapped up and trundled along the slippery road to watch the sun rise over the hills….however Sunrise takes a bit longer than I realised!

There is a lovely country lane which I wandered down, enjoying the crisp icy air. We greeted morning dog walkers and enjoyed admiring the haze lingering over the frosty fields. Honestly, it was like an Instagram filter had been applied 😛

DSC02039The sun finally peeped over the hills  and the orange beacon descended across the town. It was beautiful.

A cup of tea and hot blanket got us ready for bed and it brought our Hogmanay to a close. I left my phone off until I woke later that day, and it felt great.

I’d thought it was going to be difficult not being able to check my phone, especially on New Years, but I didn’t miss it once. We had an Actual camera, and spotify on our TV, phones weren’t needed in the slightest.

I can’t wait for Hogmanay 2016!!

-Auburn xx

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