Spartan Regime

In the run up to January I started making plans for being Healthier…along with the majority of people in the Western Hemisphere. I’ve never done January Detoxes as I’m a bit of a cynic that just hears all the…”Yeah I gave that up by February” spiel and figured it wasn’t worth bothering with. But if you never try you can never succeed, right?

On Friday I started my Spartan regime. Giving up cigarettes, and gluten, doing a juicing CY8FQQWWMAAx6SY.jpg-largedetox full of nutrients and drinks that taste like grass, booking in extra exercise, the usual kind of thing. I’m subscribing to the method of try to do everything at once and hopefully
something will stick.

So far the not smoking has been distracting me from food actually. I’m not recognising that I’m hungry thanks to wanting to tear my skin off! In order to be able to function like a human, I may have to do this a little more gradually, so as of today I can only smoke while writing *yay for productivity* but the diet sticks.

It’s not counting calories, its not avoiding all fats, I just want to be putting plenty of things that are “super food healthy” into me rather than the stuff that kills rodents…

It’s going to take a few weeks to really get into the habit of eating right, and sticking to exercise plans, but the motivation is there! My health has now got to a point where I can afford to spend more time cooking the right things, and yoga is no longer killing me, so I have to keep moving upwards rather than stagnating at passable health.

I turn 30 in a few years and I want to be as healthy as I can be. I’ve spent many of my 20 years being ill, so time to take charge!

The Spartan Regime consists of:

1 Detox a Month

Juicing Breakfasts

No Gluten

Low amounts of Dairy

Exercising Minimum of 3 times a week

Allowing for one meal out a week

Be an ex-smoker by March

It’s going to be incredibly tough, but if I can stick to this until March then hopefully enough habits will be developing to maintain this going forward.

I’m not looking to be tiny, skinny, whatever you want to call it, I just want to be healthyn652017681_555951_8724 for me. This picture was taken 6 years ago, that’s my aim 😀

Get in touch on Twitter if you want a motivation buddy!

-Auburn xx

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