I finished the first draft of my novel last year and I took ample time in between finishing it and starting to edit it.

I know they recommend taking a short break for perspective anyway, but it was more of a block for me.

I printed it out, all 200 A4 pages of it. And started reading. Reading and annotating.

Before I knew it four months had gone by with very little progress.

But every time I picked it up to start working on it, I’d…have a nap.

I found myself procrastinating and just prioritising every thing else.

It just seemed so…big. Every time I tried to get my brain to focus it was just over whelmed by the whole idea of editing a book! I mean, it’s a book.

Then of course the more I put it off the more guilty I felt. I felt like I was letting myself down. I’d worked so hard to finish that first draft yet nothing will come of it if I don’t re-work it again, and again.

Then one day I looked at it, the first page and just thought, Chapter one: Page one. Edit Page One. Do it.

And I did. I forgot about the rest of it. The 15 other Chapters would come later. Right now I just need to focus on this page, this chapter.

And it worked. I’m not quite done yet, but I’m getting close to finishing my second draft.

Yes. There will be a third, probably a fourth, potentially a fifth, before I’m close to being happy with it. But that’s okay.

It’s just one page at a time.


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