Treat Yourself

Hello 🙂 Happy Friday!

How are you feeling today? Alright? Not too bad? Could be better?

Get a Massage!

Uhh what did you say?


This week I had an appointment for a massage, Yay Groupon! It’s my first in a while actually, because my health has been so much better I no longer get them on a weekly basis…and I miss them!

Seriously. Every single person should get massages. They should be part of our overall health routine.

I’ve been getting them for years and especially with my chronic illness they have improved my overall well-being dramatically.

Whether it’s a sports massage for deep tissue problems,

Or a Sweedish massage, still deep but overall still soothing.

Or maybe you want every bone in your body to crack and to be thrown about like a1012828_10152140660092682_984113207_n teddy? I have a number for a Thai masseuse who can do just that!

When my illness was really bad and I wasn’t able to leave the house much never mind walking, I had a sports therapist come to the house with his table and work on either my back or legs depending on which were worse.

Don’t get me wrong, it was painful, sore and uncomfortable, but the affect for days after of having all that acid cleared from my muscles give me so much relief.

Obviously, that doesn’t just apply to ‘Spooners’, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t benefited from a massage. If you didn’t, it was probably your masseuse. Try some where else.


I still go as often as I can, well maybe not, but often as I really need to. It builds up gradually, a twinge here, a sore muscle there, you might start to think that’s just how your body always feels. Then you get a massage and for the rest of that day and probably days and days after you will feel revitalised! It’s amazing, it’s one of the few things that is completely selfish.

I mean that in the best way possible. It is something you are doing for yourself with no benefit to anyone else. It won’t make you more attractive, it won’t improve your career (maybe your experience of it if you work at a computer!), and it won’t clear any of those items off your To-Do list.



It will make your life just that bit happier. Seriously. And who doesn’t need to be that little bit happier? If you can’t get one right now…find a pair of willing hands 🙂

Happy Friday,

-Auburn xx




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