My Therapy Journey so far.

It’s Friday!  🙂

This week I’m writing about my CBT journey so far.

I’ve now had five weeks of CBT and so far I’m finding it really helpful.

IMG_2465This is now my third shot at long term therapy and I’m committed to making this work. I took my time finding someone who was experienced in the areas I needed help with, I also listened to my intuition when it came down to deciding to commit or not. The main thing for me was whether I felt comfortable with the therapist. I mean, this is a person you are sharing the darkest parts of your life with, the thoughts that keep you awake at night, the things you didn’t want to admit even to yourself. You need to at least be comfortable with them.

It seems that I was right to trust my intuition because after just 5 weeks we’ve covered a lot and started laying the ground work for working on chronic issues.

We are using a Time Line method, which isn’t for everyone, and at times I find it difficult, but especially if you have issues from childhood going right through to now, then it can be really useful. I like it because it’s taking you back to the beginning, when these ‘life situations’ arose, as they were never addressed properly at the time. For me, this linear method helps to explain certain behaviours when considered in context of what else had been going on before or during that time.IMG_2469

What I’m finding really helpful, is not just talking about my past but how it all relates to my present. Whether it’s through my actions or thoughts, it’s helping me to make sense of my reactions which will go towards changing damaging patterns; like destructive thinking. It’s amazing just how many types of thinking, which I hadn’t considered as something which could be changed, like, (list thinking types) are making life harder.

There is one thing that’s not going quite so well. I’m naturally quite introverted. I’m quite content spending days at home, writing, reading, whatever really, but alone. I’ve been getting better at balancing this need for alone time with wanting to spend time with my friends, but since starting this therapy, I’m even more driven to spending time on my own.

IMG_2472This might just simply be because I’m divulging so much of myself every Tuesday that I have no more to give to friends without me feeling completely drained. It’s sad, because I love my friends and want to spend time with them, theoretically, but crowded places, too many people, too much stimuli, is just too much for me right now.

Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll adjust more to this, because my friends are pretty wonderful 😀

Happy Friday!

-Auburn xx



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