My Week

Happy Friday all you lovely people 😀

In an effort to connect more, I want to share some highs and lows from this last week. I’d love to hear any of your stories, whether it’s a new adventure, trying new products or leaving your job, whatever it is, sharing is caring 🙂

House Inspection.

The dreaded house inspection. Honestly I think this is one of the main reasons I can’t wait for us to buy a house! Just the panic the days before the inspection is enough to make me want to not be a renter anymore. It was fine, no comments, no improvements, they are happy with us. But it’s still uncomfortable and nerve wrecking.

Women Library for World book day. 

This was amazing! It was an event was posted on Yelp for a Book Giveaway party for World Book night at the Women’s Library in Glasgow. I read the title and had to re-read it a few times. Seriously? This is like my perfect event!

We went along on Saturday afternoon and were greeted by a large, diverse group of women, and a couple of men. Volunteers from the library and a wonderful author turned poet, Velma MacClymont, who was visiting from London read extracts from their favourite books, short stories, and poems. They covered all sorts of topics from celebrity fridges to a new teacher starting at a school.

They had a huge round table filled with cakes and tea cups, as we all gathered round for story time. It ended with a Scottish themed literary quiz which was a giggle. The book giveaway was so cute. They had wrapped a whole bunch of books in brown paper so it was pot luck, I unwrapped Buddha Da which my college English teacher had recommended and I’d never got round to reading! It’s a sign.

If you are local and haven’t been along, I would strongly suggest it!

Finished the second draft of my novel.

Finally, the editing is done on my Second Draft. Obviously this in no way means it’s ready, ha! But it’s getting there. It’s actually readable now thanks to the joys of formatting, dialogue structure and expanded scenes. I’m in a good place with it right now. There is just one small thing…I’ve decided I don’t like what I’ve named about half of the people/objects in the book…so back to the drawing board!

Game of Thrones- No Spoilers!

It has been such a long wait! It’s been in my calendar for months…months! Ever since the premier date was released. We were ready…then…Meh. So it’s the first episode of the season and we need to be lulled back into it, check up on where we left all the characters at the end of Season 5, but I wasn’t enthralled. Don’t get me wrong, some moments were a little shocking, but I guess I’ve come to expect so much more from them. It does meant that next weeks episode should blow my mind, I just hope I’ve not become too disillusioned. Perhaps just one too many characters died and I’ve given up on caring. Oh well!

Our cleaner quit

This one makes me really sad. I know it’s a weird thing to talk about, there is still such connotations to having a cleaner. But, seriously, if you have a chronic illness, crazy demanding career or you just really hate cleaning and can afford £20 a week, why not? Such a weird middle class stigma.

Anyway, the company we use has been struggling for a while due to staff shortages. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when the owner advised me that she was scaling back the business to focus on their commercial side. But I was! We’ve had the same women on rotation coming to our house once a week for almost a year. We are comfortable with them, they love Phoebe our dog, they understand our needs, and now we have to find someone new.

Like I know it sounds like first world problems, and I acknowledge it totally is. But with my health, Lord Geekus’s work habits, and my anxiety, it’s hard for me to get used to people. *Sulk*

Date Night.

Me and the Mr have been a bit out of sorts recently. You know when you are just out of sync? That. We were running on different frequencies. Then last night was date night (and kind of why I’m writing this on Friday morning rather than yesterday-oops!) and it could not have gone any better! The Mr took the night off, and barely checked his phone. It was a huge relief to not have that hanging over our night.

Yelp were running a special event at a Contemporary Scottish store in Glasgow. IMG_2529These happen every so often where our fantastic Community Manager will organise with a store to host an event on a night. There was prosecco and orange juice flowing all evening, and a local bakery comes along to cater, this time it was Coconut and Lime who specialise in Gluten free, vegan treats. There was also a guy and a guitar with a singer in the corner adding some really lovely IMG_2533ambiance. The store is ANTA and they have some of the most amazing Tartan I have ever seen. Handbags, cushions, rugs, tea pots, lamps, blankets. Even their wallpaper was tartan! We got a little presentation about the business and the history of their tartans, and thanks to a very generous little discount we were ‘persuaded’ to invest in a gorgeous tartan blanket, called Cairngorm, due to the purple and green pattern. We drive through the Cairngorms (mountainous range in the Highlands) to visit Lord Geekus’ family, so it just seemed very fitting.

We then headed across town to Stravaigin, a Scottish basement restaurant. Upstairs is a bustling, trendy pub, but down stairs is a classy, upmarket restaurant where they make art work for meals. The food was perfect. I even enjoyed the IMG_2544asparagus! We eventually returned home and continued having just a wonderful, relaxed night, full of laughter, talking and other fun things.

We aren’t out of sync anymore.


I’m back in Glasgow for my lovely friends Book Club at the Bennu Cafe. Tonight we are reviewing Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut. It was an interesting read, but quite slow. I could pick it up and read a few pages then walk away, I wanted to finish it but it wasn’t a rush to the end like a lot of books. An unusual writing style for sure! Plus the cafe we have it in does nice hot chocolates.

A very pleasant way to end the week 🙂

Happy weekend everyone!

Auburn xx



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