Should we stay in Europe? My vote.


*These views are solely my own and should be taken with a splash of humour and the knowledge that I write this fully aware of the vagueness inherent in a change affecting a large population, being subject to the unpredictability of individuals.

It’s so hard to find trustworthy information.

I’m reading an article I’m asking, what is their bias? Are these statistics skewed to serve a purpose? What is their agenda?

It’s so exhausting. It would be able to truly be able to read information presented and to be able to talk it at face value. Maybe then making an informed decision.

As it is I’m crippled by indecision. My gut says say in the EU. It makes sense to be part of a larger group, surely. But then there are so many convincing arguments for Leaving.

This website is a good example. I’m reading that thinking, hang on, what if all of this is true? That may change my decision. Then I look at who supports them and about 70-80% are Conservative/UKIP supporters/MPs. And I know those aren’t generally the people I trust information from.

So I decided to make a pros and cons list of how I look at the issues we are facing 🙂

Should Britain stay in the EU?


Well…they support renewable energy endeavours. Actually our targets come from them, I wonder whether without them our government will stick pursue them…they do seem a bit distracted with Fracking.
Unchecked Tories *yikes*
We have someone to appeal to if the Tories get worse.
Doing my research on this topic, I’ve tried to look into contributors, supporters, writers and their allegiances. A striking number of them are affiliated with the Conservatives or UKIP…neither of which I usually agree with. 
We have somewhere to easily move to if the Tories get REALLY bad.
Some of my friends and millions of other people will have a lot of problems in regards to visas to stay in the UK or their chosen European home. In 2015 1.2 million British Born people were living in another EU country. Highest number of Brits can be found in Spain (shocking) then Ireland (we tried it), France, then Germany and then Italy with the least in my list of 64,000 people. 64,000 is still a lot of people!
It feels better I guess to be part of such a diverse melting pot, rather than the bitter old man in the corner talking about “Well, in MY day…”

What?! What about your day? There were more hate crimes? More racism? More discrimination? More pollution? What? 
There will undoubtably be more queuing at airports.
I can buy something from a seller in Germany and have the same rights as I would in the UK.
Less opposition to Fracking
The US has said they won’t trade with us if we aren’t in the EU…and all our trades within the EU will decrease due to it being more complicated. 
It’s really annoying that many of the Out team are using similar rhetoric language that Scots used during the Independence campaign which these same people condemned…
The whole “We will have more freedom out of the EU” isn’t exactly true.

-If we want any sort of free-market trading deal, we will still have all those regulations (like Norway) and potentially a Free-Movement of people which will mean we will still be involved with EU Justice. But out of the EU we don’t really have any say in what they decide, we will be on the outside. These Package Deals are offered to Non-EU countries and we would need an Expert Negotiation Team with ‘perfect co-ordination skills, persuasion, political capital and luck’. Do we really have anyone like that?
If we leave we could look at the Norway or Swizz Model of negotiating an agreement with Europe. 

…..but….the Free-Trade agreements they have still come with the same red-tape people are complaining about now

….and the package comes with at least some form of Free-Movement for people, with brings EU justice with it…which is what people are complaining about…so surely these wouldn’t make sense.
We get a chance to make our voices heard at the meetings. Our volume is based on population size. Isn't that the fairest method if we agree that every person is equal?
Farmers would loose subsidies
Our farmers have received subsidies from the EU for 40years.
Universities would lose grants.
 My views don't actually 
always aline with the British 
Population as a whole. I don't want to separate off from 
the EU with only neighbours
we've already tried to leave!
We’d save money though? Right? …but half of the money we spend on the EU gets spent on Renewable energy goals and Work Time directive, which meant employees had 20 days annual leave.

-Would the government still pursue renewable energy goals without the EU? And would they maintain Employee rights?


I’ll be voting to stay in Europe in June. If you aren’t, that’s cool, but please look into your reasons and make sure they are founded in truth not propaganda.

They are two very different things.

I hope that helps 🙂

-Auburn xx


**I have researched each point, I could reference but I haven’t as it won’t stop people disagreeing either way.

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