Changing my body

Since the lovely Hayley has posted the next All the Words piece, where she asked a group of people to contribute by writing what comes to mind when they think about their bodies, I thought I’d do a health update this week.

I wrote the piece for Hayley last year and hadn’t reread it since. Reading it the other day was quite surprising. It’s so easy to forget how far you’ve travelled.

IMG_0266Yes, I still have bad reactions to medications, but it’s occasional rather than consistent.

I still struggle when my body won’t do what I want it to, or what medical science says it should do, but we’ve come so far and are working together much more now.

I’ve been exercising, which isn’t something I’ve been able to do since I became sick nearly 3 years ago. Walking, slowly, was my only form of exercise. This took all sorts of tolls on my body. I obviously gained weight but it is more than that. Muscles I’d taken for granted due to years of dancing, walking up big hills, traveling, had disappeared without me realising. I couldn’t do activities that engaged them so I never realised that they had gone. That is until I started using them again.

It’s been a shock to the system. My legs, once so powerful and strong, are now shudderingIMG_0295 and painful after a session. But it’s a good feeling. I’m working them, I’m building them up again. For the first time in a long time I see that as being possible.

We’ve made so many positive, healthy changes. Our diets have been over hauled and our concept of ‘diet’ has changed. I’m no longer striving to only eat what a prescribed plan dictates, rather eating ‘right’. We are eating nutritious, healthy meals, only snacking on fruit, or rice cakes, soft drinks are a thing of the past. Other than the odd glass while out as I don’t tend to drink alcohol, I haven’t bought any coke or consumed any at home. I’m so pleased I’ve been able to give that up, it was toxic.

It no longer feels like we are ‘dieting’ as such. We are just making better choices.

The weight isn’t dropping off like I’d hoped, or like anyone including doctors would have expected.

IMG_0317If you drink 1800 calories a day in soft drinks, if you have an unchecked snacking habit probably adding at least 600 calories a day, eat healthier meals including gluten free pasta;

If you then introduce cardio, yoga, more walking and resistance training into your life that previously wasn’t there. You’d think I’d have lost a stone at least.

Alas, 5 weeks on and I’ve stuck at the 0.5 stone mark.

BUT I have tone! I can see muscles budding in my arms, my waist has slimmed down so that I can see my hour glass figure again, my thighs are getting more definition and I’ve lost a fair few centimetres round my stomach!

Hopefully this will convert into a lower number on the scales soon, I understand that muscle weighs more than fat, but it would be amazing to see that number fall!

I’m heading to Madrid on Monday with a wonderful friend of mine, so fingers crossed we can do enough walking to balance out all the wine and tapas we will undoubtedly be indulging in! It’s a holiday after all!

Have an amazing weekend 🙂

-Auburn xx



    • Thanks lovely 😀 I’m so excited! It’s my first time. My friend and I have a monthly tapas tradition so it seemed fitting! Yum!! I’ll be posting about my trip next friday 🙂 xx


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