Travel Bug- Madrid

I went to Egypt in October last year and felt invigorated by being able to travel again. I still took my cane, and most days were spent lying in the sun/shade as I didn’t have the energy for much else, but I was able to do it.

Fast forward to the present and I’ve just been to Madrid for a few days! This was a very different holiday as it was all about the walking around, sight seeing, finding food, that sort of city break holiday.

13178569_10154235497142682_4024251402052307262_nWhen I got back yesterday evening I was sore, stiff and tired…but not to the extent where it takes months to recover! Plus, I don’t mind being a bit stiff and tired, I walked up hills! Well, steep roads on hills, which was still a big achievement for me. I walked around parks and went up and down stairs for the Metro. I wandered around Puerto del Sol looking for the famous Churros Cafe. I wandered along lanes and found cute shops, markets and gaming stores.

My friend and I stayed up late talking, using the jacuzzi on our terrace, chatted with an older Spanish guy in a quirky bo-ho taverna in a little suburb outside of the city about the differences between Scottish and Catalonian/Basque independence.

Other than my food-expectations being a little high, considering we only had 3 13138866_10154230138377682_7891103266390920524_ndays, it was a fantastic trip.

I wandered around the city with a big smile on my face, I got asked for directions and mistaken for a local by many spanish shop assistants.

If Egypt rekindled my Travel Bug, Madrid has set it on fire!

I love travelling. Okay, not budget airline seats (we were packed in pretty tight) or how hotels advertise their best room next to the room we’ve booked which is apparently acceptable sales tactics.

13221050_10154230137892682_8334674262789258742_nBut I love being in new cities. Talking to locals. Sitting in cafes people watching. Experiencing how people live in that city.

Sure, I like to see some of the more famous sites, but they have never been my priority.

I love being away with a friend or partner, enjoying interesting meals and sampling the local drinks. But I also love taking a few hours to myself to wander and just soak up the place.

Madrid was a big success and I’m already thinking about when I can next get away!

-Happy Travels,

Auburn xx


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