Importance of a Break

It came a little bit by surprise, but it seems I’ve decided to take this week off from…well the internet in general, which includes writing.

May was a hectic month and I pleasantly surprised myself by keeping up with it all *yay for increased spoons* but that does mean I’m taking a week… or two for myself.

It’s an important part of learning to live with a Chronic Illness.

While I’m not posting I’ve been doing lots of brainstorming!

I’d love to be able to connect with people easier so I’m going to create a Facebook Page.

It will have:

  • Blog Posts
  • Game Reviews
  • Yelp Reviews
  • Photos of my dog
  • Articles from fellow bloggers
  • Snippets of stories I’m working on


As soon as I have it set up, I’ll post about it 😀

I’m still struggling with my Time Management admittedly.

The more time I put into my Blogging and Internet life, the less time I spend working on  Fiction I’m writing, which is my main love.

So, I’m hoping this break can give me a chance to ‘re-set’ and get the organisational structure sorted to leave more writing time!

You’re all amazing, thank you for reading and I’ll be seeing more of you soon 😀

-Auburn xxx


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