Phoebes Story Part Three


Excited to find out what happened when Phoebe and Flora met?

I bet you are 🙂


Phoebes Story: Part Three

Our neighbours brought Flora to our house, where we were waiting, with Phoebe on a leash.

Initially there was a lot of sniffing. Phoebe was stressed but not as she was on a walk. They sniffed each other then started getting a little boisterous. This wasn’t helped by the fact that 4 adults, a large Scottish Deer Hound, and the dog equivalent of a fluffy pony for small children were all crowded into our hallway.

At our neighbours suggestion we opened the doors to the garden and let them go. *Gaaahhh*

To our amazement, they were playing! Playing roughly, yes, but that was it. Chasing, tackling, pinning, wrestling. They were so happy!

In those first couple of play times, we had a couple of instances of concern…Phoebe has big strong fangs and weighs a tonne. I don’t think she intended to hurt Flora, and luckily she didn’t do much damage at all, not that Flora seemed to care in the slightest.

It was like the perfect combination. Flora was still quite puppy like, being only a year old. She was totally unfazed by Phoebe, and was so fast, with long spindly legs, which meant Phoebe had very little chance of ever catching her, and even when she did, Flora was more than able to get back up and away. Phoebe doesn’t quite have the same graceful speed. Plus being nearly 7 at the time, she didn’t have the same stamina. DSC_0181

Quickly this turned into a very loving friendship. Flora would come into our house, eat Phoebes food, drink her water, take her treats even while she was eating them, bark and bop Phoebe on the head when she wanted to keep playing. And Phoebe just adored her. I think she was the puppy Phoebe lost.

There would be an occasional snap if Flora was just pushing her too much. Phoebe huffing and puffing, collapsed on the floor and Flora running about trying to play. But never anything aggressive.

They would pine for each other, waiting and watching at the window for each other. *Sniffle*

Unfortunately the walking wasn’t getting any easier. She might love Flora but every other dog was still a threat.

We even contemplated getting a second rescue to be her live-in buddy. We came close with a Malamute called Chubbs, but he was too dominant, Phoebe was scared to even come back in from the garden when he was visiting. So it just wasn’t a good fit.

We had a terrible landlord at this house, the boiler was broken throughout winter and he refused to fix it, floors were rotten, the bath leaked through the ceiling, it was just awful.

1513219_10152151298822682_1368133492_nWhat made him really terrible, is that because of his lack of repairs, we couldn’t stay…

We had to move and Flora and Phoebe got separated.

Apparently for weeks after, Flora kept looking over the fence to see if her friend was there.

We wanted to bring Phoebe over for a visit but they felt it might be too confusing, Flora had a habit of being able to sneak out, having ran round to our house a few times.

It still saddens me when I think of them loosing each other, but Phoebes story is far from finished!


Find out next time what happened when we brought in an expert!


-Auburn xx



  1. It was such a shame having to leave .. Flora was a great ‘dog’ neighbour for Pheobe … Especially from what I witnessed in your next home 😱 I cant believe I sat in your garden at 4am to let her play without a scrap !! 😳 Xxx


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