Subscription Beauty Boxes Unpacked

Hello Tea and Beauty readers! It’s lovely to meet you. The lovely Caroline offered me a place on her blog to do a guest post. I’m a little out of comfort zone as I don’t usually blog about beauty products, or do guest posts, so I hope you enjoy this! Let me know if you enjoy this and I may do more in future.

Last year, I got really excited by the whole Monthly subscription boxes. I’d recently moved back to Scotland, the land where they have postcodes and things get delivered…unlike Ireland, so they were the perfect treat.

I did a bit of research but couldn’t decide on one…so I signed up to three vowing to make a decision on them eventually.

Well it’s been a year and I’ve finally decided on the box I’m keeping out of the three!

Contestant Number One: Glossy Box


I thought I’d start with Glossy box, since it’s probably one of the most popular boxes.

Their staple is a pink box, with Glossy box in Black text. Inside, the items are folded into the box with black tissue paper and a pink ribbon. It’s very…well…I guess you’d say it is elegantly feminine. Although some of my favourite boxes of theirs are from months where they get a bit creative!

DSC02192There are usually about 5 beauty related items in the box, if they are small there are sometimes 6, if they are big items there might only be 4.

Main Pro: Trying new products each month is exciting!

Main Con: Those exciting new products may not be useful, may not be all that new (repeats), or all that nice.

Each month there has been at least one item in each box that I’ve loved, one item I didn’t know I needed but do, and a couple of okay things.

I’ve had Glossy Box for a year, and while there have been some misses, a couple of boxes just had nothing of any value to me, but knowing that next month could be a completely different story kept me coming back!

Some of my Glossy Box Favourites:

This eyeshadow fast became a staple of mine! It’s a light brown with purple tinges, not something I would usually go for, but looks great on!










As someone with sensitive skin this Cleanser and toner have worked really well with my skin. And the face primer from Talik was fantastic! It is so light in comparison to other primers. Plus all these came in regular, full sizes!

















Finally, one of my all time favourite nail varnishes for casual wear, and lip tint! The lip tint is wonderful if you aren’t feeling like having too much on!













When I first saw this speed drying mist for nail varnish, I admit I thought I’d never use it…but actually that can is now empty! It really works! I still try to sit for a little while for them to harden up, but it definitely stops me from catching my nails on every minute possible thing!


Contestant Number Two: My Little Box





The box doesn’t exactly fit squarely in the beauty box category, but rather it has some beauty items plus other pretty, useful, cute items.

My Little Box is a Parisian company who tried to distill Paris into a box. Now, I’m not sure how the people of Paris feel about this, and I know it’s probably playing on the whimsical, romantic view of Paris, but I don’t care, it’s adorable!



Each month an A5 illustration is included representing the theme for that month, thats right, theme!

I love the theme aspect of this box. Sometimes they are season relevant, or a more defined theme like Road Trips or Flowers…but sometimes it’s Bubbles or Sweets.

There is also a My Little Box magazine, which I’ll be honest, I very rarely read due to lack of time, but it’s cute. Plus they now have a My Little Beauty shop for all their own products, some of which are included in monthly boxes.

Main Pro: Having different themes each month keeps me interested.

Main Con: There is too long in between boxes…a whole month!

My Little Box is different from the trend, it’s quirky and offers things like bracelets, scarves, canvas bags along with their great beauty range.

Very handy bottle for popping in your bag. It gives your hair a bit more texture and volume.
















I do keep trying new creams, but I keep coming back to these. They might not have any sort of miracle enhancing abilities but they really soothe my skin.

















I love the delicate gold chain necklace with a simple gold triangle. The scarf is from them too! The pink lip and cheek tint is understated but effective, and the tinted moisturiser builds very gradually leaving no streaky lines!
I’m not usually one for Lip Gloss, but this is so deliciously red and thick it is surprising it isn’t lipstick! This passport holder looks so vibrant and funky! *checks calendar for next holiday*

















I love the bright splashes of colour I find in their boxes some months! This is a shocking pink lip gloss, and this surprisingly tasteful orange nail varnish from essie is a pleasure!


Contestant Number Three: Birchbox



Birch box is the smallest size of box, but still very cute. It is similar to Glossy Box, in the sense that they specialise in beauty products, but they tend to include a lot of lip products. Until doing this blog I honestly couldn’t have told you which was between out of the two. None of the products really stood out from each box. But going through my products to pick out some of my favourites, I realised just how many of them come from Birchbox!

DSC02217Main Pro: Lots of my now favourite products were introduced via Birchbox, and I’ve even bought them separately!

Main Con: Too many lip glosses

What the Birchteam are slightly lacking in design they make up for with quality products.

I adore this body scrub from Rituals… It feels divine. The Skin Perfecting serum takes a little getting used to. It’s like rubbing a very light baby oil into your face, but I did see improvements.
Nude lipstick! It’s perfect. The photo makes it look pink, but on it is the ideal nude. The Spectrum brush is fantastic, I use it with my powder every day and it’s so colourful! Birch box have their own makeup brand LOC, their eye shadow crayon in gold is so simple and beautiful!
A few of their useful hair products! Removing frizz, sea salt spray for texture and a leave in conditioner.























So after much deliberating…the winner is…

My Little Box


With Birchbox coming in Second place.

Out of the three Boxes I’ve subscribed to for the year, I’ve only kept My Little Box.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

First: I have sensitive skin, and I now have allergies to certain chemicals I didn’t know I had! Which makes trying new products constantly a bit like Russian roulette! I was quite disappointed in Glossyboxes customer service when I had a really bad reaction to a face cream they had supplied.

Second: I have so many test pot/tube size products! It’s getting a little out of hand, and My Little Box doesn’t tend to include small testers.

Third: Both Birchbox and Glossy box include a fair amount of hair products. Now, hair products are great, and they have some very nice shampoos and conditions for you to try…except if you have a big mane of hair! Anytime (which is often) a conditioner is in the box, it’s like a wasted product. I’ll just go and condition my fringe now, thanks.

For me, My Little Box provides great products, is beautifully designed, and keeps me looking forward to next months with it’s monthly themes.

I also know, due to trying so many of them, that their products (from My Little Beauty) have yet to cause any skin irritations, which is very important.





Now, cutting down from 3 boxes to 1 was just a bit too much for me, so I thought I’d try a new box too!

LoveLula is a company who specialises in natural based beauty products, perfect!




I’ve had two boxes so far and I’ve been very happy with everything inside. They aren’t as pretty as the other boxes, in fact they don’t really have a box at all other than the packaging box. But, less chemicals, less packaging waste, happier world 🙂


I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of Monthly Boxes.

Be sure to check out my other posts at my regular home at

Thanks for reading,

-Auburn xx

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