Phoebes Story Part Six


Hello! Welcome to the 6th Instalment of Phoebes Story


We’ve been on such an adventure with this adorable fluffy monster. Looking back over how far we’ve come just makes me appreciate even more how we’ve all grown and learned to work together.

This instalment takes us back to the tartan isle, we tried our Celtic neighbour, Ireland, but it wasn’t the right fit. We’re all happy to be back in Scotland. For all Phoebes other issues, she is a very adaptable dog. Moving houses has rattled her for a couple of days but nothing too serious.


Her lovable character is what kept us hanging on at some of the darkest moments. Moments when it didn’t seem like we’d ever be able to take her outside never mind go on walks. It seemed that every house we chose had problems with the garden, either it wasn’t secure enough so she would go on late night sneaky jaunts through the next field, or our neighbours had disruptive dogs.

But, she is such a derp, she gets easily confused and tries so hard to not knock things over.

She is even adorable when she slowly nibbles on a pork pie in my hand, or thinks she is really stealthy, combat crawling across the ground (because crawling means we can’t see her!).

We moved house and got settled in. Our neighbour loves her but has a few cats. They’re smart enough to keep out of Phoebes garden, but cue barking when they jump down from the fence.  I think the cat jumped down and she got a fright…her eye sight is starting to go a little. It’s just taking her a bit longer to notice things, or see them when we throw them for her.


We found a great walk though!

It’s a huge field 😀 Lined with wooded areas, big enough for 4 football pitches! Using the extendable lead we’ve started walking the outskirts of the field with her. It’s about 25 minutes in total, but there are quite a lot of other people walking their dogs so we are going to have to get better at timing it right.

Because the walks start becoming more frequent, some more training is needed. We need to make sure we enforce all the good habits we’ve learned. Getting her to listen and to stop is still the most difficult command, so we are still very cautiously letting her have the run of the extended lead, but progress!IMG_1235

This was originally meant to be a 6 part series, but I’ve enjoyed writing it so much that I’m going to continue.

Next edition will see us make a Big Breakthrough!

Thanks for reading, come back on Monday for the next instalment of Phoebes Story,

Auburn xx


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