The Worlds Lullaby

Hey, thanks for visiting. Happy Friday!

…I’ve had a pretty rough week this week, following a really tough month, and to top it off the insomnia I occasionally suffer from has dropped by. Thankfully it didn’t hang around too long, but it’s lingering. I need more than a couple of hours sleep a night *grump grump*

I couldn’t get my brain to think about this weeks blog post all week, as soon as I get too tired the Procrastination Monkey takes full control.

So, it’s 1am Friday and my thinking ability is severely limited, but, I concocted my own version of a poem. It was sort of a freestyle prose thing, that I then altered, edited and attempted to put into a sort of unofficial poem structure.

It’s about the only place I want to be when I can’t sleep.


I hope you like it 🙂 -Auburn xx

Durness, Highlands, Scotland, Beach, Clouds, Coastline
One of my favourite beaches, at the very top of the UK. Durness, in the Highlands, Scotland.

The Worlds Lullaby

I miss the beach,

Especially at times like this.

I miss being close enough,

To just go as and when I please.

A short stroll, moonlight, the sound of the waves.


I miss the sea air filling my chest,

Clearing the niggles that steal my sleep.

I miss the taste of salt in the air,

The dryness of my skin.

Being soothed by the sound of waves crashing against the promenade.


I miss the beach,

Not just at times like this.

I miss living on the coast,


I’m not too picky, I feel at home on most.

Maybe, the worlds lullaby is all the cure I need for my insomnia.




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