Phoebes Story: The Final Instalment 

Welcome to the 8th and final instalment of Phoebes story.




You’ve read about how we found her, years ago in the Glasgow SSPCA, unable to go on walks, unable to keep a stable home, and very frightened.

You’ve heard how we struggled in that first year before we figured out that she needed a more tailor made schedule than dogs usually get.




You saw her meet other dogs and become friends which is something we were told would never happen. And you’ve also read about her transformation from the dog without a home to Our Phoebe, a dog who gets a big walk on an extendable lead every day, and a dog who runs free at midnight when he takes her on a run. She is our family. She is doted on, loved by our friends and strangers she meets.

From a dog who cried in kennels for human love, to our fluffy diva who is never short on cuddles.

At 10 years old she is healthy, cared for, loved, and most of the time she seems pretty darn happy…except when there is a treat restriction due to vets orders…she has become quite IMG_2170the wobble dog!

We took her home and were unprepared for what she would need. But we learned, she adjusted, we taught, she followed.

I couldn’t imagine not having her in our lives. I believe that when you take a dog home, you have a responsibility to make it work. On the other hand if your dog needs things you just cannot give then finding someone who can is the best thing you can do. IMG_2569

Shelters are places for lost dogs and dogs without homes. Don’t take your dog there, don’t leave them to be found if you can’t take care of them. Admitting you were mistaken in your ability and finding them another home is so much better than abandoning a creature who loves you, to fend for themselves. It’s cruel, heartless and unforgivable.

It’s taken over three years for Phoebe to recover from the Shelter and from being neglected, abandoned, and the instability. We are lucky we found her and she is lucky we could give her the home she needed, but many aren’t.

IMG_2579The shelters for the most part do all they can, and I have nothing bad to say about them, other than that dogs shouldn’t be there.

Phoebe is now living out her golden years filled with car rides,  walks, treats and cuddles, a very happy fluffy butt indeed!

Thank you so much for reading Phoebes Story!

Remember you can check out her Instagram if you’re needing a Phoebe fix.



Please like and share to get Phoebes story out there, for all the dogs without a home and all the people who can give them one ❤

-Auburn xx

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