Summer Projects


Hello lovely people of Webonia (Maybe?) I’d just love to let you all know what is going on right now!


Breadcrumbs Blog

Renovation Time!

A darling friend of ours is coming to stay and is going to overhaul my blog.

Complete redesign, so for about 2 weeks I’m going to take a break from the blog and work on my book!


Insomnia Agreement

Time and Sleep play a very dangerous game with the people of Hetra, not that Time knows it. She was the ruler of the planet before she could talk but that might be ending very soon thanks to a woman called Jayne. The problem isn’t that Jayne has Insomnia, it’s that Time doesn’t know about it, and it may be too late for both of them. 

I’m working on the 3rd edit of my book and I am going to start looking for publishing options very soon…if I get it done! So this is the perfect opportunity to just get working!


3 Things Each Podcast

New project! A friend and I have decided that since we talk so much we should really put it to some good use.

Every three weeks we will be putting out an episode featuring different topics each time.

The premise of the show is to collect a snapshot of our cultures, societies, our world to document our moment in history. 3 different topics every three weeks and each of us will pick something from within that topic, and maybe send them into space.

I’ve very excited about this. We’ve already started recording, almost have the artwork done, and I’m starting to get my head around the technical side of recording.

We are aiming to release around Mid September (3×3=9, 9th Month!) and can’t wait to share it with you guys.


We live in an amazing time. There is so much to our world now, good and bad, but I feel incredibly lucky that this is how I get to spend my time.

See you at the end of Summer 😀

Auburn xxx



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