Hello! And welcome to my blog 😀 It’s great to see you.

I aim to post every Monday and Friday and a newsletter once a month 🙂


I have three Main Categories: Cup of mint tea on Curry Mile, Manchester


Health (Mental and Physical)

Politics (Life and Society)

They are broad and cover a lot of topics from Trouble Sleeping, Medical Marijuana, Polyamorous relationships to dog owner responsibility and travelling.

I’m sure you’ll find something to connect with!


From 16 years old my path was to travel and experience as much as I could. This is something I still incorporate into my life, but I’m a bit more grounded now.

I tried my hand as an Academic, I studied Ancient and Medieval history at Edinburgh Uni, but I found it squashed my love of History.

Books and creativity are my main loves, but living in a fair society is definitely part of that.

For now I’m settled just outside Glasgow, Scotland with my boyfriend and our dog.

A chronic illness and my mental health meant I had to take things slower for a few years, but things are starting to look a lot brighter!


Enjoy exploring my site, and join me over on Facebook for more 🙂

-Auburn xx

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